Leak Detections


Under Ground Leak Detection

Hydrogen Gas Process

Underground water leakage is detected by using the hydrogen gas method. This process is created on the addition of a low concentration nitrogen(95%) and hydrogen(5%) into the pipeline containing water. Hydrogen is can easily penetrate into materials such as concrete since it is the lightest of all gases. A hydrogen gas detector is used to detect hydrogen only ,as it escapes from the leak in the pipe and is profound enough to respond to a small concentration of hydrogen even if it is 0.001% in the air. Sensitive hydrogen indicators are used.

Is Hydrogen really safe?

Humans and nitrogen already have lots of hydrogen in their bodies , apart from that it’s no toxic and non-explosive.

Usual combination of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen are already available. That’s why it is called a forming gas.

Water Leak Detection

This is done by using a series of steps:-

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Hydrogen gas
  • Ground Microphones
  • Electronic Listening Pens
  • Damp Meters

There must be a water leak if you can hear the water running even though everything is turned off?

Let us tell you how can see if there is a leak in your property or not.

  • Firstly turn off all of your toilet inlets and taps to make sure no water is running.
  • Check the water meter to see if it is rotatory.
  • If its rotatory then there is a water leak and you need the leak detection to be done.
  • Call us to help you find the water leak.

When there is a water leak, you are actually paying for something that is not being used by you.

This will cost you hundreds of dollars a month